Most people want to know about their life purpose.  I always thought one’s life purpose had to be something grand, for example, invent something that changes the world or earn a ton of money to go to a charitable cause.  I struggled with finding my life purpose for quite some time until someone told me that my purpose was to be an example of love.

I took the deepest breath because it resonated with me so much. Could my life purpose be this simple?  The answer is YES, it can be that simple!  Love has always been the most important thing to me.  I have drawn hearts since I can remember.  I have heard we choose our parents before we are born.  My parents have been together since they were 16, and having just celebrated 56 years of marriage,  they are still in love.  My dad has never spent a day apart from my mom, and he always says he doesn’t want to be without her, not even one day.  If it is true that we choose our parents, then I chose well for my life purpose as they are a great example of love and devotion.  I have searched for this kind of love for my entire life.

My life purpose to be an example of love can be demonstrated even in my real estate career.  The most important aspect of my job is the relationships that I have with my clients.  I have worked with several widowers, and while I am a good real estate agent and help them with the business aspect, I believe the emotional connection is equally as important.  So many times, I sit with my clients while they tell me about the love of their life, how they met, the good times and the grief of losing their true love.  I see the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about the one they love, and I cry with them when they talk about their grief of losing them.  Yet I believe they are so fortunate to have had true love.  It makes me more compassionate, patient and understanding.

Perhaps you are already doing your life purpose, but you have not yet acknowledged that what you do naturally is your life purpose. Think about your natural abilities,  and you will see clearly that this is your life purpose.  Embrace your natural gifts and don’t be afraid to do what you do best.

Your life purpose could be to be a mother and to raise wonderful human beings, or you can be a teacher to broaden people to learn about things they never would have considered had it not been for your efforts.  Or maybe you are the humorous one that lights up a room or lifts someone’s spirits.  Maybe you are the person that is the “Rock”, the one that cannot be shaken in an emergency, or maybe you are the person that always brings friends and family together. Maybe you are the one that listens really well and is trustworthy to make people feel safe enough to talk to you. Maybe you are an artist or a designer that makes a space beautiful for people to enjoy. Maybe you are wise about finances and help people by organizing their money and thus be bring peace to people’s lives.  Maybe you enjoy science and you will find a cure for cancer.  You may be a hairstylist that can uplift someone’s confidence and make someone feel special and beautiful.  We all have talents and things that we naturally gravitate to do, and when we are doing these things – making people laugh, making things beautiful, teaching, being a good mother, a good listener, we are living our life purpose.  Everyone has a special gift, and it is about doing what you love.

It really is that simple! Go out and BE YOU, DO YOU and be the best version of yourself you can be!


IMAGE CREDIT: Marius Michael George