Your Angel Wishes

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Make your wish big or small, the Angels will serve and help you in your life!
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Black Magic helmet

I wish tomorrow January 27 2023 it will rain with thunder and lightning and showers that a black magic helmet that has absolute wish powers that can grant me infinite wishes only when i put it on my head it will come in a brown box delivery package from a high power being that mailed it using ups and i take out the helmet from the box and i put it on my head and say a wish and that wish starts to come true and i become very happy and powerful that i can feel magic and luck coming towards me that i feel happy i just want to be happy and get my wish i most desire tomorrow January 277 2023 i hope my dad and i spend the night driving and then come back at 10pm to watch the 10pm news and i start to have fun watching the 10pm news and able to go have fun with my helmet and be grateful having it and wishing my cousin Marlon Jackson comes to Mcallen Texas and he does and wishing my cousin Oliver Jackson and Irene Jackson to come to Mcallen Texas and he does and wishing for my cousin Somena Jackson comes with her family to Mcallen Texas and she does and we will have a blast

Paul M Deniro Jackson

Minerva Theresa Gatling

I wish Minerva Theresa Gatling is doing something with the RGV college campus staff in San Antonio for a week that My Grandma Marie Jackson is going to San Antonio with Minerva Theresa Gatling and Marsha Terry on Thursday January 26 2023 to Thursday February 2 2023 that i am will have the best days in my life that i get my wish the black magic helmet that grants me infinite wishes when i put it on my head on Friday January 27 2023 and i have a ball with my black magic helmet and Minerva Theresa Gatling calls me to have a good conversation on Friday January 27 2023 that she will be a good aunt to me this year 2023 and then on saturday i wish for unlimited wishes and became very happy and enjoyed having the black magic helmet and my grandma marie was calling me every four hours on friday and on saturday and on sunday and i was giving grandma marie good conversations and Shalaan Cowart called me on Friday Night January 27 2023 and asks me about my fantasy ladies and i said who and she said my fantasy ladies and i told her that they are weird and freaky

Paul M Deniro Jackson

Absolute wish powers

I wish on Thursday January 26 2023 i have absolute wish powers that i can write any wishes and they come true and i will write down Veronica Varlow will want to have a private personal pen pal relationship with me that Veronica Varlow the dancer the witch spellcaster will video see me on a adult webcam site and i will see her on that site too and she will have fun with me and i will have fun with her and than i will get super natural luck and better days and better years and better months and I want Veronica Varlow to cast the spell on thursday January 26 2023 that she will have the best thursday and best weekend coming up and i will have the best thursday and best weekend coming up and every one will be happy for us for having our days and Veronica Varlow will see me again on adult websites online and i will see her again on adult websites online and she will do the hyper speed french tongue flapping at me and i will do the french tongue flapping speed at her and she will enjoy doing sexual activities with me and i will enjoy doing sexual activities at her and she will love me so much and respect me

Paul M Deniro Jackson

Absolute wish powers

I wish i will have Absolute wish power that every time i write down a wish it comes true in three seconds and i see the wish and i want there to be a indication that i have this power and i am blessed and i want Veronica Varlow to respond to me today January 26 2023 that why i know i am blessed by something and i need Veronica Varlow the witch dancer who is a spell witch that will contact me back and i want her to call me sweetie and doll and baby and i call her sweetie and beloved and doll and she says i am the sweetest customer she ever met online and i tell her thank you sweetie i try and i want Veronica Varlow to do my spell request with the black magic helmet that she does it tomorrow January 26 2023 and she does a spell to bless me with super natural luck and protection that curses can not effect me anymore and that they will go away and give undecillions of years of super natural good luck and happier better days and happier better years and happier better months and make me have a very happier life that i love Veronica Varlow and i want video chats

Paul M Deniro Jackson

please win my jury trial with jessica heimer aka may

please let me win my jury trial against jessica heimer in winnebago, il. court house. I will win against jessica, and she will find out she is lying. Please also have them drop the order of protection. I will win this court case, moreover the jury trial. amen

bianca kesler aka karyn


my wish is to adopt a baby girl.


Money job blessed

Please pray for God to bless my checking account,and Friday card ,bless my job with hours of Feb rent tobe paid .bless my income tax refunds.bless my fiances.

Leslie anders

i win my court case in winnebago county

please help me win this court case, and help the jury decide that i am not guilty, and that i will win the case in courtroom 315 winnebago county, rockford, illinois. bianca may kesler will get a not guilty result from the jury, and nathan the public defender will also fight hard and show all the evidence for us to win. against the court and my daughter jessica amber may, aka jessica a. heimer. amen thank you angels, angels of god. amen

bianca aka karyn

True love and happiness

I wish that my live life becomes less complicated and my happiness is brighter in my future and my family is healthy.

Lisa Renee’ Leuthauser

Final stages of Career

Provide a clear decision for the last 15 years of my career. Show me the path through the offers and desires I have expressed and make the best decision for me.


Living the highest and truest expression of me.

My wish is to use my gifts and talents to help others.
To overcome my fears, once and for all.
To make my income empowering others – 1 on 1.
And to find my equal partner to enjoy this beautiful life with.
Thank you, Angels 🙏

Kasia Sidor


i wish for Money lots of it
i wish for A new house in 4 months

ashleh babcock


I wish to get a magical notebook to grant all my wishes with 500 pages only works for me

Luis arturo fernandez chau


please God I want to get married soon with rich and handsome man please


I wish to be taller

I wish to be taller. My dream height is 5’3 – 5’5. I would like to wear clothes confidently and I would like to grow taller to wear certain things. I keep seeing Angel numbers and I hope that that is a sign that it is potentially possible. I manifest that I grow taller. I really hope.


i wish that kj will

i wish that kj will like and see my dm i wish he will see how much i love him and i wish he will be mine i love him with all my heart


Miracle for husband illness

My husband will be alright and there will be no need of Operation. There will be a miracle and he will be perfectly fine and able to run. There will be no requirement of medicines for him.


I wish I get that

I wish I get that I get what I want .


Wish for Everlasting Peace

I wish there will be no Third World War at all, and that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will right now at this very moment end in peace! Amen!



i wish kris would ask me out ??


Soul mate love

I am 50 years old and wish that l attract true love into my life

Kavita Vasudeva


one day, i truly wish to have you. i love you forever my baby


My Love

I wish to meet my divine counterpart within the next 60 days.



I wish my son’s court case will be dismissed due to lack of evidence.


One over the other

I wish I turned 18 on my birthday last year on December 3rd 2021 instead of turning age 36


Mi phone

I wish that I can get my phone back very soon or to stay at my auntie with my gang .


Graphic Novels

I wish I had the talent to write, illustrate and color my very own comic books


The big One Three

I wish I were 13 years of age and currently getting educated in the 7th grade and for each and every single adult from the ages 30 and above to be 22 years younger as well



I want to be married happily in 2022



I wish to be wise and intelligent

Retshepile Malla

Reunion with My Beloved

Angels, my deepest wish is to be reunited with my Beloved. I need your help Angels to help us come together and live happily ever after so that we can ignite more Love in the world. Thank you Angels.

Earth Angel

A relationship with Tevin Doyle Gibson!

I wish with all my heart and to the very core of my soul and everything I ever believed in when it came to true love that my long time crush Tevin Doyle Gibson 11/04/1989 32 years old a Scorpio would confess his true love for me with actual words and true actions as well as reconnect with me and give me a true, official real life loving, long lasting relationship! To officially tell me he loves me and ask me to be his girlfriend! Then after sometime propose marriage to me so that I can be his wife and bare him children all before I turn 40 in two years!!

Ana Castillo

Money wish

Receive wealth


Restored healthy smile

I’m 48 years old and her taking care of everyone in my entire life including raising my two daughters on my own after realizing my ex-husband was on crack and it’s sold everything out from under me and stole everything from me. I worked the time I was 21 to take care of my two girls and make sure they were safe had food clothing and went to school I did not care what it took I needed them to have a home in to have a childhood. I neglected my own needs including my dental care and when I turned 40 I was diagnosed with lupus and I was happy that I had already raised my kids. Lupus ravished my body took a lot from me ran up medical bills that I can’t pay and took my teeth. I went to the dentist today and they can give me my smile back but they want $37,000 and I just don’t have that money. This is the only thing that I wish for please hear my prayer.

Gequilla D Keiser

Call me

Wish tim lacing call me



I wish to bring in financial freedom in my life and enjoy the joy of sharing my love with everyone possible , without hurt or harming anyone in this process. I want to help my husband in his finances at home. Love and light 💕



I want a good career.wishing for my good job getting a lot of money and getting lots of love ❤️

Rasmita Adhikari

I want to travel and

I want to travel and I wish for my dad to agree to let me travel when I ask today



Please pray for me to get. Through the IRS customer advocacy to get my case resolved and get my refund check, also get new date for sleep I can get new CPAP machine.


My exam

I want to score 25/25 in my physiology and pharmacy Mcq exam



A new place to liveiwant Richard to be my friend



Fincweath so I don’t have to work as hard al freedom


For me

Someone who is my match. Supports me and cares about me in equal measure

Eli Maria

Blessings to DTA, PPS and Lapmaster

Dear Angels,

Please bless DTA, PPS and Lapmaster owners, employees, customers and suppliers. Help and protect them and be in charge of all they may need. Thanks, thaks, thanks.



Receive job news.
Evil forces removal



I wish for many things, but mostly I wish to grow more deeply in unconditional love for myself and alongside that, I wish for a divinely blessed physical reunion and partnership with Juan – the person who woke my heart up to bliss, unconditional love, carefree energy, joy, childlike spirit, laughter, generosity, hope, and kindness. I wish that together, we enhance, bless, and expand eachothers’ lives and the lives of those around us. I wish and pray that our partnership can be an anchor and beacon of light and love on this planet.



Receive wealth.


I wish to visit New

I wish to visit New York for 32nd birthday in 14th August 2022.

Samuel Beaton

May the angels send Texas

May the angels send Texas a honest, loving, caring, and dedicated godly governor in next year’s election. Thank You.Amen. Amen.

Samuel Beaton

money wish

receive wealth

Dardan Bobi

Settle in career and marry with my crush

I want to settle my career in next 1 year September 2022 and I want to get married with my partner whom I love so much from deep inside of my heart only these two wishes I want to be fullfill☺️☺️☺️

Bhanu prakash sharma

My wish is to replace

My wish is to replace Wesley Bell with another caring and devotrd godly prosecuting attorney that is for the black community.

Samuel C Beaton

too get my old friends back before august 4th

i recently lost my friends in June because of my jealously and how toxic i was. i wanna change and i regret how i treated them. they didn’t deserve what i put them through, i wish that i could go back in time and fix my mistakes before they could take place. but unfortunately i cannot. too sum it up my wish is just to get my best-friends back. they make me feel happy and complete. and i’ll make a promise to the angels and to God.. that i will change. i know i won’t change over night but, if i’m really determined to change (which i am) then i will start making progress over time. but, whoever is helping me make this manifestation or wish. please make this work. i really miss them and wish i hadn’t done what i done. i don’t even care about what actions were made in the past i’m more focused on the future.


Best intern certificate

I want to get the best intern certificate.

Swati dokania

My wish is godly leadership

My wish is godly leadership under someone else than Governor Parson in next year’s election.

Samuel C Beaton

New job, refund

I wish to receive my refund and get new job at rx cleaning .

Leslie Anders hamm

My cats

I hope my cats will get close to each other soon. I wish they will be best friends. I hope this pandemic ends soon ?


Wish: For my mother to own

For my mother to own her own house.
May the Angel’s grant my wish. Amen. Amen.

Samuel C Beaton

Wish: More True lifetime friends and

More True lifetime friends and wealth.

Samuel Beaton


Receive job news.
Receive money news.
Receive wealth on my bank account.
Debt removal.
Evil spirit toxic people evil eye energy vampires black magic removal protection.
Stress blood infection chest healing.

Dardan Bobi

My greatest gift

May the angels bless my baby- first born with good health and long life- happiness. Thank you, Angels, Amen.

Samuel Beaton

The Best Highlight moment

My wish:
Meeting Jekalyn Carr at church- the body of Christ church. Thank you, Angels for fulfilling this request. Amen.

Samuel Beaton

Subscribers on YouTube

I wish for 50 billion subscribers on my YouTube channel.

kenneth brown


I wish i would receive job news this month.
Debt removal.
Wealth guidance.
Receive wealth on my bank account
Receive bank transfer on 830.000 euro from city bank india.

Dardan Bobi

i wish i was free

i wish i was free from bad things happen

Luel Dessie


my dear angel, I know you are always there.
I pray for your positive energy please for job that I really want.<3


Twin flame unblock me

Please Angel’s for Dennis my twinflame to unblock me and come to me! Please and thank you!?✝️?❤

Wendy Hughes

Complete happiness for my brother.

Complete happiness for my brother.

Samuel Beaton

i wish i can move to newfoundland

i wish i can move to newfoundland

Luel Dessie

To go to newfoundland

i wish i can go to newfoundland.

Luel Dessie

My wish

.May my future husband in person meet me this year whoever its supposed to be, and my destiny of marriage when supposed to be, be complete and all done with and for my highest good. May this be done With love and blessings upon my union this year all the time.

Thank you.


My wish

.May my future husband in person meet me this year whoever its supposed to be, and my destiny of marriage when supposed to be, be complete and all done with and for my highest good. May this be done With love and blessings upon my union this year all the time.

Thank you.



Receive wealth.
Receive job news.
Receive money news.



I really need an accommodation, that will give me so much peace of mind and tranquility,increase my spirituality,and my insights of life.
I need a financial breakthrough towards achieving all I planned for in 2021 and beyond as I work tirelessly hard. Mydear Angel intercede for me .So Mote It Be.

Lesley Oma

Jackpot numbers pulled

Please pull my chosen numbers soon and award me one of the current jackpot awards.


Going back

Thanks universe I a finally going back to Chandigarh permanently and living with my badimom happily there it’s the best thing I got addmission there thankyou so much ?


Manifest Bree Davenport

I wish Bree Davenport was manifested into my life and has her superspeed as a superpower and visits me every night starting tonight on this very day and that she would be my friend.

Shawn Gill

Best friend

My wish is to meet former wrestler Torrie Wilson in the year 2022.

Samuel Beaton

My wish is to meet

My wish is to meet actress Margo Harshman at Comic Con.

Samuel Beaton

My wish is to meet

My wish is to meet actresses Laura Spencer and Aarti Mann in 2022.

Samuel Beaton

weigh loss

I wish I will loose weight


BJMP JO1 2021

I wish that I, Anne Wilma Pama Pinzon will become a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Jail Officer 1 very soon this 2021.


BJMP 2021

I wish to become a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology JO1 very soon, this year 2021.


New opportunities

New opportunities

Samuel Beaton

Unforgettable 2021 moment.

To meet actress Debra Messing this year.

Samuel Beaton

The life I’ve been missing

A Vacation

Samuel Beaton

My God good times with Celebrities

To meet actresses Melissa DeSousa and Simone Missick

Samuel Beaton

God’s Career for me

Social Media Influencer

Samuel Beaton

Unseen Happiness



More wealth- to help bring

More wealth- to help bring comfort to my life.

Samuel Beaton

Moving to Canada

Dear Angels,

I am making a wish to for me to move to Canada so that I can live my dreams, expand and fulfill my Destiny to the fullest Potentials . Please give me a clear synchronicity that my wish has been heard and is working out well. Thank you!


marriage asap

I hope to manifest my marriwte asap and its beautiful and truth alignment and divine protection sealed.. please and thank you


Job offer to Daughter at USDP

Please have USDP offer my daughter employment.


Refund and stimulus checks

I wish to receive my 3,102 and maybe more money.get it on my new green dot card ending in 8802

Leslie J Hamm

Opportunity for change of job

Present opportunity for job change in the field working in.

John DiRocco

On my birthday my wish will come true

I wish my wish what i have been wishing for so long will come true on my birthday

Luciano mangroo

Making a wish of my love

Dear raguel,
My wish is Nikeesh c pradeep loves me more than i loved him from tonight and he understands I’m his love of life and his love remains for me forever


Ahuja Purchase order

Would like the contract for our company for the new Ahuja project.

John DiRocco


I wish for the IRS to finish processing my income tax refund and stimulus checks.remove all blockages obstacles, I would love to receive my 3,102 on new green dot card.and for my June rent to decrease.and to hear from jerry williams again.i wish for God and angels to hear my prayers.

Leslie J Hamm

To get the 6202 police vehicle of the SQ to my appartment

Please make sure that I can have and own and have delivered to me the Surete du Quebec police vehicle 6202 brand Dodge Charger SRT8 2018 police pack registered in Quebec: FNJ2367 in my guest parking at my apartment in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield at 102 rue des Syndics app 1 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield at postal code: J6T2R3

Émile Cardin-Lalonde


Hi, I am Andri. My wish is to sing exactly like Charlotte Church. Charlotte Church has this Angel Voice and she sings like an Angel. I want also a Angel Voice and I also want to sing like an Angel exactly like Charlotte Church. I have Charlotte Church’s CD’s. Every time when I am singing people’s mouths must hang open and get goosebumps to hear my Angel Voice when singing. My 2nd wish is to see a real life Angel and to meet one and to talk to Him/Her. 3d wish is to have Angel Wings.



Want something to make my family happy

Sorry for asking wishes two times but I really want to be at 1st place in my state in this year board exam.and also I want to be beautiful and attractive .



Cari Angeli, il mio desiderio è che mio fratello Alessandro guarisca dalla sua brutta malattia. Che tutti i miei fratelli e la mia famiglia siano in salute e felici . E poi vorrei tanto far pace con luigi, vivere una stupenda storia d’amore ed essere finalmente felici anche noi. E che nel mondo regni la pace tra tutti gli uomini. Amen?❤️


Connection to You and My Health

I wish for Colleen Parker to get in touch with me and I want my health to get better.

Lee Cabanas

To get rid of the conjuring done on me from the bad side.

I want to free myself from the evil conjuring that is done on me. I have no objection with the good conjuring from my people. But, free me from the bad conjuring done on me and never let it trouble me anymore. Please help me. It has caused dangerous effects on my life.

Yashodhan Thombare

Gender change wis

I want to become a beautiful girl with 5.5 feet.everyone remember me as a cute female


Getting rid of my PayPal account restriction as soon as possible.

My wish Is to finally use my PayPal account since it has been restricted for over a year now there’s still a balance of 189.93€ which I can’t spend whatsoever since my account has been put on a restriction or limitations more so.


Coming off day to day obstacles and getting my prestige/reputation back in the society.

I thank to god, the one who is listening this prayer. I wanted to ask god for something today. I ask god for giving a peaceful life. All these days, bad people had let me on the wrong path which ultimately put me as well as my family ( I mean my family ) into danger. I was not known about the consequences about what I was dealing with. What danger I was dealing with. I used to ask myself ” WHY IS THIS HAPPENING ONLY TO ME ?” , ” AM I BORN WITH A POOR DESTINY ?” Now, I have come to know the reason behind all these problems. My father is the head of our family. It is my request that whoever he comes into contact with treats him well. I want him to be happy. I wanna see my brother happy. I want to see the future entrepreneur and businessman into him. I want my mother to be happy too. I want to see her smile always. And I want to get my graduation degree, Set up my own business with the help of my father, and I wanna marry the girl I love. I request god to get us out of all that dangerous thing. I hereby declare – ” I’m not a part of whatever dangerous or disastrous thing it was/is.” End my suffering. Please. Help my father to solve day to day problems easily. Give me my love. This is the wish I ( Yashodhan ) make…..Please grant it.

Yashodhan Thombare

Business and Love

Dear god, I am not a perfect human being. There are many flaws into my soul which might mean I am a bit bad. But, I wanna be good. I wanna be one I used to be long time ago. Just silent, a few friends ( real ones ), studious, determined, and ambitious. Due to certain circumstances, I lost my inner peace, my friends kept neglecting me and my determination, ambition came to an end. In my college life my attention towards studies was not too good. I just used to pass. And, now what I want from life is that a peaceful environment to live in, good people around, good friends ( new ). Oh God, I want to set up a business once my graduation gets completed and earn a lot of money. I want to keep my parents and my brother and my girlfriend happy. I wanna take my girlfriend for dinner, I want to spend time with her, I wanna talk to her ( In person ). I wanna make progress in my business and earn a lot of money and I wanna marry my girlfriend. My girlfriend’s name is Vaishnavi Badgujar. I AM SORRY IF I MIGHT HAVE MADE A LOT OF EXPECTATIONS. Thanks god. Grant my wish god. PLEASE………..

Yashodhan Thombare

Getting away from the misery of life and attaining a good life…..

Hola Gracias, God. You are the entire universe. God, since the last few years I have been experiencing major challenges related to my social status. Firstly, I thought it must be a joke. But, later on, it turned out to be a massive and dangerous attack for me. I found myself stranded. Helpless. No hope to get out. People laughing. I was caught into a terrific problem. I pray to god god to please get me out of this social problem forever and ever. Let my prestige/reputation rise. Let all my tasks which have been left incomplete be completed. Please cure my mental illness and help taper off the dosage of the psychiatrist. I wanna lead a drug free life. I don’t want enemies. Please accomplish my desires. I am a god believer and I have been through a lot. Let people greet me cheerfully. I am a god believer and I hope god is reading this…..I want the good which is awaiting in my life. thank you god. This is the wish that Yashodhan Thombare is making

Yashodhan Thombare


Thanks for your help……..Never let evil forces act upon us…..

Yashodhan Uday Thombare

Relationship and then marriage

I had really forgotten if I really had made a wish here. I came to know when I saw the wall of this page. I wish thanks to all the team who helped me until now. Thanks a lot. Everything I wished for came to be true. Now one final wish — I want to get into a relationship with this girl. This different girl to whom I love the most. GRADUALLY. The final stage is that I wanna marry her at the right time. One more thing don’t put either of us into difficult circumstances related to anything. Keep mine as well as hers family happy and healthy.

Yashodhan Uday Thombare

A prayer for my brother

Angels please hear me, I have a wish prayer for my brother. Please watch over my older brother and place before God my request. Please intercede cure my brother of all of his cancers. Please make his heart stronger and see Gods loving pure light and accept it into his life. Spread your warm wings over him and with my Mother help protect him.


My Holy Beloved

To be united in Sacred Union with my Holy Beloved and experience a deeply Loving romantic relationship emotionally, sexually, spiritually and in every way available that allows us to fulfill our Highest Timeline Destiny – together as individuals and as a couple.



I wish to have a new home for my family soon

Sheila A Pasquini

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

I wish that this year, I will become a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Jail Officer. I want to because I need to work for my mom and my daughter, and especially to provide for my law education. In God’s Grace this will come true.

GeoAnne Pinzon Cubacub

Moving on

I wish to clear my debt without any hassles and start fresh without looking back ever again


law of attraction

i call upon archangel ariel now to help michael haley manifest more money love into my life $900 bilion dollars cash an latin girlfriend for michael veal haley a single latin woman outgoing caring honest tomboy thin body wear leggins age 34 thru 40 becomes stalker obsession with michael haley an meet him on streets an online facebook in year 2021 california falls in love with michael haley an talk to him an have long term relation ship with him michael haley needs money drawing oil for eternity michael haley needs love magnet oil for eternity the united states of america back to normal in year 2021 democratic party usa wins by landslide for eternity a wealthy latin woman take michael veal haley to live with her in month march year 2021 california big mega yacht an mansion michael veal haley needs latin friends for eternity michael veal haley needs fountain of youth for eternity michael veal haley needs fast luck for eternity

michael haley

Love one

My wish is to bring a love back into my life. And ask for forgiveness.

Marvin Nevels II


my wish is ..
we both (me and my bf)stay together life time with each other and his love for me grow daily . He never ever think about any other girl.


justice-corrupt court case,bring jessica and giana home to our family

Your Wish : ” please let kate callahan kurtz be able to correct the corruption in jessicas case, jessica to have full custody back of giana, and jessica and giana will reunite with our family, and we all will be safe, happy, healthy, wealthy, and protected from any harm, any corrupt people, and from the heimer family, and the corrupt people in her divorce case, and protect jessica and giana from any further mental or physical abuse, please bring both home as soon as possible. amen in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. amen “



I wanna become rich

Anushri Majhi

For us all

Please, loving angels, may it be so that the consciousness of humanity evolves in a way that supports the most beautiful unfolding of balance, harmony, peace, and abundance for all beings. Thank you!!!!


For my sister and me

I wish my sister had superpower and her eyes turn into Rinnegan and Sharingan from the anime called Naruto and I wish I had magic credit cards which didn’t expired because I can take it with me everywhere and also I wish I had psychic superpowers just like a anime character called Saiki K .

Royal Cuteness


People would stop thinking I’m stupid and lame and actually appreciate me.


True love

I wish that my love of my life Abhimanyu Singh come back into my life and propose to me


Thank you for a wish granted

Thank you thank you thank you you’ve granted me everything I need and I appreciate you very much

Mendosa Sama

To get My love Navin Back in my life

Dear Angels,

Please help me Navin has left me he has engaged now to a girl, please angels I want to reunite with Navin, please angels help with a miracle, Navin is not at all in contact with me, not ready to listen inner voice, please send someone to him who will guide him.

Ask him to come back to me please Angels. please the lesson universe want to teach me I have learnt it, I will continue self love but I don’t want to lose my love.
Angels my earnest prayers to you please accept my prayers.

There is no time left its only few days left please stop his marriage somehow, let navin understand our connection and depth of love.


To get the 6210 police car of the SQ.

To have in my yard in my guest parking all the time the police vehicle 6210 of the Surete du Quebec brand Dodge Charger SRT8 2019 police pack registered in Quebec: FPM2149 and that it be left in my yard in my guest parking by the police officers Jacob Drouin of the SQ.

Émile Cardin-Lalonde


I want my cousin Preztyn to get custody of me and I live with her and only come to see my dad and siblings on the weekends. Get a phone this year.


Love and light

My wish is to be guided to help myself understand what my purpose is…I wish. Harmony within family and to be financial free with a job I love…..I want to help the homeless…and be guided by my spirit guides heal my families grief and make us stronger as a family…thk u angels

Monica martinez


I wish to meet an amazing male romantic soul mate this year!


First pickup truck and money to buy Lauren‘a old blue Toyota Tundra pickup truck and getting the truck fixed

I just want you to know that I’m hoping that you can get me money for that truck I will get from Lauren and that you can get me truck fixed and fix the truck parts that and which need to be fixed and a big thanksgiving truck party and a holy golden truck city called trucksrus and thanksgiving costumes from the first thanksgiving and all the truckers from the USA and Africa to hitch their trucks to my truck in a truck parade and I hope to break the Guinness world record of the world’s largest and longest truck parade float ever and a whole bunch of thanksgiving dinner feast food and for all at my first truck party Including the cooks and chefs and waiters and waitresses and me to wear thanksgiving costumes like the pilgrims and Indians and food from the first thanksgiving

Megan Lorraine Carey

A job for Jason

A job for Jason


education success

i want to score straight A’s in my SPM result at 2021. I want to be excellent in addmath

pavinaa baskaran

My Beloved

I wish to hear from my Beloved before 2020 ends and that he expresses a desire and plan to meet me in person .thank you to God of The Highest Court and to his Divine Angels .???

Sheila Reigh


I wish for my fear to be healed with love, and for greater self assurance and boundaries with the people around me including my mother. I wish to remain steadfastly in the light, and to align and to accept my purpose in life and carry it through <3 <3 <3


Magical ring

My childhood wish is still pending I really dreamt of a magical ring all my childhood and even after marriage and it’s about 10years even now I have the same wish..



I wish for financial Stability.
And to meet in person…the man i have been talking to for 2 years


Soul Mate

I wish to be “reunited” with my soul mate/ “twin flame?!” / true love / husband ??

Emilie McDonald


I wish to reunite with Tim thank you



I wish to reunite with Tim. Thank you. For the highest good for all.


S$4.5 million Toto winner on 21 dec 2020

Please let me be the sole winner of 21 dec 2020’s Toto draw in Singapore. Need the money to repay all my loans, fix all the leakages in the house, sponsor some food and groceries to the less fortunate in Singapore and sponsor flour and rice for 3000+ monks in India, etc.. there are just too many things that need to be done and without the money, nothing much can be achieved . Please grant my wish. I thank you in advance! ❤️❤️❤️



I wish to reunite with Steve ❤️


Get approved for a house

I wish my daughter and I will find and get approved for a affordable 4 bed home for us settle and wait on the new baby arrival all this by January … I wish for strong faith peace financially and spiritually I wish for health and love

Rachele laurenza

Med Bed Healing Technologies for All

I want to be a humanitarian and provide med bed healing clinic like walk in patient first clinics for every one. Angeles help me make this wish come true to help humanity to physically get healthier. Namaste ??

Tracy Ratana

Get love and respect I deserve

I wish to live happy life with my husband and daughter. Take away my sadness, grief, and all past painful memories. Help me in difficult situations and give me clarity. I want my husbands love back.


Angel hability

Hello, I wish I could develop my psychic abilities so I cam communicate with Angel’s amd help people, animals amd myself to be of service on this earth. Thank you



This guy named pastor Joseph right now and his life he is a South African scam artist who’s just out to steal people’s money he will harass you threaten you and swear at you he threatened me on Whatsapp he wanted me to send him $200 for anointing oil.


Angels please take away my

Angels please take away my grief and help me let go and trust in your Divine plan.Thank you Angels.


Dear loving angels kindly intervene

Dear loving angels kindly intervene in accordance with the highest highest possible outcome for me and my family receiving PR for Canada at the earliest. Thanks to all angels who are helping me and making my wish come true.


Healthy Birth

To have a healthy and quick child birth soon.


For things to be good right now

I would like right now my mom lose her voice and hearing and permanently forget my name. Permanent memory loss and permanent forgetfulness and return my bank card to me today slide it under my door and then stay away from my room permanently. My girlfriend Kimberly benavidez talking to me on messaging right now.


Walking on a Dream

My wish is to walk again
My dream has become a nightmare
My Imaginary prison has trapped my heart for so long
Cant take it anymore
It doesn’t worth it anymore
I learned my lessons
i won’t go against Gods
i will serve humanity with my art

In the name of Life

i give U my heart


About a girlfriend

I faced a lot of rejections. I wish for a beautiful and cute looking charming girlfriend. I wish if she listens to everything I say. I wish if she could be a virgin. It would be best if she is from our community but only if such girls exist in our community.

Yashodhan Uday Thombare

Healing from injury

To be able to play golf again without niggling injuries. To enjoy the game with my young Son and to be able to play together into older age..


All my wishes come true- I am very sick

Thank You Very much, I am soo grateful that there is a website like this. I want a elite fairy godmother in my necklace (the one with a blue colored stone). So anytime I whisper or chant out loud any wish while holding this necklace it comes true. Please send a fairy godmother to me, they have all authority over all the fairies. Technically, a wish fairy cannot grant any wish without fairy approval. I will promise to be very responsible with this power and not use it for evil or harm against anyone undeserving of such harm. I am very trustworthy I have been bullied and psychically injured by my bullies every since kindergarten and never hurt them back. I would never hurt a fly, see I have been soo sick I could not even talk or make friends ever since 6th grade up to 11th grade. I have kept to myself, i attract lots of attention because people think I am innocent and cute. My mother could not attend highschool for its 4 years or even move for four years because of her illness. So we are struggling a lot and I want to make sure I can help them and myself as much as possible. Also may you please give me a description of this fairy when you send them so I can get to know them a bit better. Also may I be able to see the fairy godmother sparking light/silhouette so I know it is there.

Leila Ali

My dream car

I wish the angels help me get my dream mini copper – the one which is going to be in the highest good for me to have it! <3


At Peace

I really wish i can finally be at peace. Finally be happy. Be financially stable and just live a happy, free, life.


Make my family always happy

I just want my family always be happy

Ritika Gurung


My girlfriend Kimberly benavidez accept my line invite right now so I can talk to her not have to worry about her anymore she has an illness and I’m very worried about her right now.


Miracle to happen right now

I would like my girlfriend Kimberly benavidez to accept my hangouts invite right now so I can talk to her not have to worry about her anymore she has an illness and I’m very worried about her right now. I would like her to view my messages on messaging call me on my cell phone respond to my Gmail messages I sent her and Outlook Hotmail messages I sent her. Respond to my duo messages I sent her. And for my mom to lose her voice and hearing permanently forget who I am permanent forgetfulness permanent memory loss return my bank card to me today slide it under my door and then stay away from my room permanently.


I want all i ever wish for on this web site. Never will let me have it past my death

Yes me louis dustan abbott of united states living at 1639 wilhite falkville 35622 want all i. Have ever wish for on here any probly is no one will let me have it past my death but i want all i have ever wish for on here

Louis D Abbott

I never get my wish that just it never will get my wish past my death see never alway forever alway forever past my death

My. Wish is that i got all i ever wish for all i want in my life not what other people want for me like all haters and emines my emines zillonsssssssssssss and zillonssssssssssssssssssssssssss never endering of them here in united states my shit paws hate me har woman j and har jeslouose man of me want let let me have nothing past my death so but i wish i had all i want in life ever wish i i want all i want in life goals dreams be sucessful have all i want in life dam shit pals shit head want let me but i wish i had all i want in life me louis dustan abbott none of them could stop me from all i want goals dreams sucessful. All i want in life. Not what other people want for me step angel that read this

Louis dustan abbott

I wish to be my

I wish to be my soul and nothing else.



I wish I didn’t have schizophrenia or any mental disorder. Please can you help me.



I wish i didn’t have a thought disorder.


See all jeslouse men in world zillon zillonssss never endering of them want let me have my wishes see judges lawyers cops see i,m no mental see and stuff like never will i be see like all this shit is unstopble past my death see haters emines all of shit see never ever will probley never get my wishes cause of zillonssss and zillonss of haters and emines never endering har men and har woman zillonsss zillonss of them on planted world earth haters and emines. Fine arctrack men no disase no viruse see don,t want a har i want a human woman i very kind gental men and sweet and kind see

Me louis dustan abbot of united states living at 1639 wilhite rd falkville alabama 35622 my wish is same i wish last time frist wish i made my second wish i made three wish i made all wish i made on here

Louis dustan abbott

I had three wishes that really really real to reality and visle in my life

I had three wishes considley all time that they was really really real to to reality and visle in my life what I want not what every one eles want for me louis dustan abbott of united States living at 1639 wilhite rd Falk 35622

Louis Dustan Abbott

I donate from

Hi my name louis dustan abbott of united States living at 1639 wilhite rd falkville alabama 35622 I wish all I wish before never ever alway forever alway for no one excist on planted planted world earth to be able to mess up what I want I,m talking about people human or demons to be able to mess up all I want in life nor lawyers nor devil no kind of magic.any kind nor any one on planted mother wide world earth to be able to mess up all I want in life no people human or person or cops lawyers nor any thing from all I want in life goals success dreams love wife only wife please don,t alb them to kill or murder all I want cause my zillonssssssss.zillonsssss of har men har woman haters and emines in never endering kind will cause liers alway forever alway past my death never change they liers

Louis Abbott

Yes this louis dustan abbott

I wishes all wish all I wish last time all I every sit out and wished I wish me louis dustan abbott of united States living at 1639 wilhite rd falkville alabama 35622

Louis dustan abbott

Never will will any ways past when I,m dead cause of all evil people in world and lawyers never will will get or beat the lawyers never ever alway for forever and always so I all never get what I want in llife see so no wishes granted forever ever and alway way and forever past end of my dead

I wish I had three wishes all the time that they was really really real to reality and visle all I want not what ever one eles want for me me louis dustan abbott ofunited States living at 1639 wilhite rd falkville alabama 35622 that no one could ever destory all I want no matter what they did agine me like black magic devil agine me lawyers agine me guns judges with judgement none of it would work past my life past dead me louis dustan abbott no one on earth could mess any woman no men any kind with my woman a wife and a wife onley cause I am very arrtract guy here no disase and see a lot of men are jeslouse see zillon zillon are why they try keep me from Haven any thing in life mad jeslouse of me and try keep Haven any thing in life I,m no mental never will be see and stuff like that so wish Coulee’s,t any men mess with me to

Louis Abbott

To be free of financial debt

To receive money so we can pay all our debts that covid incurred. To be free from financial burden


Twin Flames

My wish is to meet my divine TWIN FLAME in his physical body. Me and my twin flame come together in physical bodies to serve the humanity.
I wish this to manifest now.
I am sending my infinite love and readiness to my beloved twin flame and to all the assisting angels, galactic family of light and my spirit guides.
Thank you.
Namaste ♡


I made wish online on ever site never ever came true they ben blocked by evil demince man evil human evil people blocked alway for ever alway by their lawyers never alway be granted alway for ever past end of my life time past dead

I wish I had three wishes all the time that they was really really real to reality and visle in my life a wife only a wife nothing eles a wife me louis dustan abbott of united States of amercia living at 1639 wilhite rd falkville alabama 35622 never leave me past ended of my life to past dead cause I am a very arttive man very sweet no disaes virus any kind never ever hurt a woman past my life time.

Louis Abbott

Millionaire status

It is time for me to become a millionairess!


Future life

I wish that my plans of moving abroad should come true.i have to get all the required documents on time for the procedures to happen.



I wish I didnt have schizophrenia or any mental disorder. I wish the angels would find my mental disorder and remove it from me.

Cameron McDaniel

My partner

I wish to have my partner come back and for us to be happier, healthier, stronger, in love and with an unbreakable bond forever. Thank you thank you thank you xxx



Healing for my Twin Flame Nic and healing for us may we trust in us and in the power of our love and our union. To stay together forever and raise our family. Thank you thank you thank you


Wisdom and strength

I wish for the wisdom and strength to find peace in my relationship with my family, while leading my own path and achieving what I came here to accomplish.

yuanshuang xu

End All My Sadness

I wish that all my sadness was over and that my sister and my mother can finally get along with each other. I also wish that I receive a little financial support as of now, I am having difficulties finding a job.

Yasiris Nunez

Answers to Prayer

I wish for clarity and immediate direction to my highest path and my art, and clear insights to questions I have been asking for a while that bring great clarity in joy, in divine timing, in the highest good, and so it is. Thank you Thank you Thank you <3 <3 <3


Love, happiness and money

I wish that Joey admits that he knows we are twinflames, he admits his feelings for me, and he asks me to be his girlfriend.

I wish that i manifest money today to get gas for my car and cigarettes for Tasha.

I wish that i get better at my job and keep my job.

I wish that i get a safe 2 bedroom inexpensive place for luna and i.

I wish that my stimulus check next week.

Thankyou so much!


Get permanent residency if australia

I wish to get approved for permanent residency in australia


Everything i could ever want.

I wish my paycheck this week is going to be ovwr a thousand $:

I wish that i get all the people i owe paid back, my bills are paid, i have money to go have fun and also some to save.

I wish Joey Sanchez admits his feelings and love for me.

I wish Joey Sanchez asks me to be his girlfriend.

I wish that Cody Wester and I will remain bestfriends because its toxic when we are together.

I wish i can take Luna and I shopping fashion wise.

I wish that I will quit doing D by the end of this week and it will be easy and painless.

Thankyou so very much for this beautiful opportunity!

Shaneeka Johnson aka Nikki





Please let Bevs diagnosis be good, and C let her go onto live a happy fullfiing life



I wish i would receive a lot of money on my bank account in Denmark.
I wish i would get rich and happy.

Dardan Bobi

LUCK to buy an New house for my family and for COVID 19 to find a cure

Dear Angels

I am buying the lottery ticket with no avail, i wish to win this lottery ticket in order to buy my aunty house. So that our mental health being will be ok we live in a flat but we want a house for ourselves.

Please angels grant me this wish

Also grant the COVID 19 to find a cure as soon as possible, children needs stability in their lives i dont want them to be angry and suffer

Thank YOu

Allison Grech


I to see my love Kruz


I wish I could have

I wish I could have a dream house next month please

Kaychalee Hongwilai

I want my crush to like me

I’ve had my eye on someone for awhile. I’ve been manifesting him but I want a little extra help. I want him to hit me up and get to know each other better. I don’t want to rush into things but I’m hoping it will result in a relationship. Thank you!

Jillian Kelly

I wish for a life without financial anxiety

I wish for a life without financial anxiety so my daughter and I can live in peace

Rosina Hartley


Dear Angels,
Please grant me $100,000 on an urgent basis as that I can pay up all my debts and have enough money to last till the end of the year. Business has been badly hit as a result of the pandemic and bills are piling up … Really need divine help to get through this difficult period …

Amber Yong

Healthy pregnancy

Dear Angels, I wish to stay happy and healthy for the rest of the duration of my pregnancy.



Please angels help me get my health back, rid me of cancer and all of the turmoil and sorrow associated with it. I ask this for me and those I love.


Retreat with my Beloved

Dear Angels.
Please help me manifest a much-needed retreat with my Beloved in the month of August or September. I would love it to be on a beach but I am open to your help with that or something better. Thank you Angels.

I Believe


Thank you Angels for healing me completely from OCD thoughts and images, and anxiety. Thank you that I now enjoy perfect mental health and perfect mental peace.


Financial Security

I wish for financial security so that I can help others who are in need.


Weight loss

To easily get back to my health and fitness when I could run the lake and weight of 113 pounds. Look and feel better about myself again.



I wish to get out of my own way and become my best self


My wish is for my

My wish is for my family to be healthy, abundance, good fortune, good luck, debt free, good friends, a lot of money. For the world i wish that we can live free, this pandemic gone never to come back, the poverty to end and the new world order, builderbrugers and corruption to be gone.


Get my 1957 Chevy

Angels please help me to purchase the perfect 57 Chevy. It will be clean, rust free and the engine will purr like a cat! I will get this car for a steal $16,500. Lets do this angels!!!


Help me get a full-time job at KQED

I ask for your help to get me a full-time job at KQED this October. People will be retiring and I pray that a spot will open up for me. Please help me angels to make this happen.


Heal Nick Cordero

I call to all angels and God to help Nick Cordero as he fights for his life from Covid. Please heal his lungs and help him to gain strength. He has been in ICU for almost 3 months. I pray you can bring him the strength to get over that hump and eventually walk out of the hospital. His beautiful wife and 1 yr old boy wait for him.






To get motivated to get writing and finish my course


New free luxury car ?

A new luxury car for free to replace this lemon suv I still owe a ton of money on and keep having problems with.


I wish to fly in

I wish to fly in an airplane! Thank you Angels.


Financial peace & plenty

To be financially at peace. Sell Hillyrock & buy Cornish Court asap.


Purposeful wish

I wish I can be the best version of myself who can make something of herself that will lead to success and power to help others in need.



I want a child to live with me even if they aren’t my own blood.


i wish for riches

i wish for good luck,good fortune,good health,visa,success,prosperity and i wish to be very rich

Chukuka Ogbuku

See and feel love of my angels

To find my inner peace and feel my angels to help guide me as they have always. I’m just asking for a little more.

Deb Hamilton


Please give him the strength. Help him love himself enough



I wish he would tell me how he feels about me


I want him to see my message

I wish that he would see my message and feel my love for him, I wish that he is happy always.



I wish to be guided to a job that brings me a lot of money and even more pleasur and joy. I wish to be guided to forgive me and to accept the choices i made with love and to forgive who hurt me and my doughter. I wish to be guided to love me and to free me from fear from my life, from my thougts.


Heal me help me

I wish to heal and to fine a complete peace , I wish to be guided and release me from the stress I feel, I am young when I began my spiritual journey , I’m a teen and I hope to be guided and protected because I feel like I need a way out



Angels please give me the faith to trust that you are leading me to my highest and best path. I need help with my trust and faith in the future. Please help take away my fear.


Wish for happiness for all

Wish for happiness for all I love

Kathy Trybom

Happy mother son relationship

I wish for my son and I to both heal from our hearts bodies and minds and have a beautiful encouraging relationship and for each of us to be happy in all aspects of our lives ?????☀️ ?

Erin O’Brien

I want to see

Angel/s I wish to see myself as you see me, i wish to be on a vibration that matches the highest version of me so that I can be the home of love, joy, hope.






Peace and happiness for me and my family

Sandra Okeeffe

I wish for good luck and richies

I wish for wealth, good health, financial breakthrough, favour, divine protection, divine provision, good luck, good fortune and prosperity

Chuks ogbuku

Pursuit to Happiness

I wish and wish with all my heart the one day I will become one of the highest paid model in the world that inspires people to be them self also I wish to help my family live a better lifestyle.


my desire is to sell

my desire is to sell my establishment, earn 1 million euros, build my dream home, find a job from 9 am to 4 pm and study traditional chinese medicine or yoga and be present in my daughters’ lives and accompany them at night and during the day. I also want to learn to meditate better, to be focused and to be able to hear my guardian angel and my guides at all times of my day.


Emotional and physical

My wish is to be beautiful inside and out, to marry the man of my dreams ?to live a happy and healthy life, to get a great job.

Nisreen Vallie


I wish to heal all my physical discomfort and the feelings that lay behind ?????



I would love to reunite with my partner Iztok again very soon. Until the end of this month. Borders are closed between our countries due to virus and my only wish is for him to be able to come home to us. Please angels, help me with my wish. I call upon all angels that feel called and ready to serve to help me in this matter and reunite us in the shortest of time and for the highest good.


Dream cone true

Thank you Angels because all my dreams come true and all my desires are fulfill. We live in our dreamed home from now on and do what we love most and do our best for the highest good for all involved and have plenty of money to cover all needs, save, and share.


My friends

Can god keep my friends safe and keep my family members safe and my mom and dad safe amen.


Better communication

My boyfriend and I have been lacking communication lately. I don’t know what’s going on with him, and I’m extremely worried. All I want is got us to go back to texting and FaceTiming again. Please help him reach out to me and tell me what’s going on with him. Thank you!


I want my boyfriend to get his phone back

My boyfriend got his phone taken away and I really miss talking to him. I don’t know what he did to get it taken away, but I really want him to get it back. I miss texting and FaceTiming him. Please help him get his phone back. Thank you!



I wish I can be with person I want to be, he want as well the same.


A wish for you.

For all your wishes to come true. You are a beautiful person inside and out.


I want my ex boyfriend back

I really miss my ex. I want him back but I want things to be different. I don’t want the same things that happened before to happen again. I want to give it a second chance and see what happens.



I wish for permanent physical union with my Twin flame EJ in this life. Please angels make my wish true.



I wish to healing my missed miscarriage and I wish for a better relationship and not te be so lonely ???❤️?



I wish to receive a text from JAJV that has good and pure intention behind it and that opens up the gate for us to talk again. And so it is.


I wish I was healthy and my family was healthy

I wish to be more happy and healthy I wish my thyroid nodgules would shrink and go away so I wouldn’t need surgery I wish I was more happy with life so I can be a better fiance to the love of my life I wish I could say more to help me and my man

Deja Williams

My brother

To bring my brother home to me withe the packages he promised. ❤?❤


Feelings hour

Hope the guy I truly like feels the same as I do don’t think so do


Hope that my work and

Hope that my work and financial situation gets better and that I get over my depression. Thank you



I pray meet my soulmate this year. Whom I’ve been longing and waiting patiently for. I pray our love grows in our faith to God, and we are surrounded by amazing and supportive family and friends.


Love ? wish

I wish for a very special man called Martin Duffy to contact me again and tell me how he truly feels. I wish for myself and Martin to start dating again, taking things slow and truly getting to know each other. I wish Martin to be true full and faithful . I wish we both fall even more in love with each other, and love each other unconditionally, we will get married and live a long blissfully happy life together until death does us part.
I ask the angels with love and light to grant me this wish ASAP!
Thank you , thank you, thank you!
Namaste ?



Deliverance from spiritual warfare and confusion and negative thoughts, I want to have a stronger faith in GOD and to feel his presence, and peace of mind and protection for me and my daughter and family thank you

Jasnique outlaw


I wish to meet Kruz and see if what we feel is real.



Please protect the health of me and my family, parents en sisters family from the Corona-virus. Keep us safe and sound please.


Home Sale

Please angels help us sell our home. It has been on the market for a year and need to sell soon.

Katherine Day


I just want to be a able to let go of any fears /negative vibes,misfortune. I truly want to be able to be loved 100 percent and understood. All I want is a happy life,marriage, family and be able to be successful in life. Please! Thank you so much!!??



Dear Angels, I wish for the knowledge and guidance to find my purpose in this life. My destiny. I am lost. I feel myself fading. I wish to know what I am supposed to do here on Earth in this life.

Thank you


Wishing for MJK to heal and recover completely

Wishing for MJK to heal and recover completely and blessed with health and vitality

Purple Shirt

Prayers for the end of coronavirus

Angels, we thank you for your blessings with gratitude daily. Please eradicate the terrible coronavirus from the earth. With loving thanks…


Home Sweet Home

I wish for a Home for myself and my granddaughter I am raising.

Jill Hartlev


I have migrated to a new country all alone and has been struggling for job and still unemployed. Dear angels please grant me the wish of a job. Thanks

Harpreet kqur

Angels please help me on my internship interview

I am really thankful for providing me such a big opportunity Angles. Your love towards me is beyond any thing now I am getting an internship interview please help me get this interview. I love you angels.


Good Health

Please help me work thru my current health issues so that I can be the best I can be for family and myself.


a sign

I wish to know is it best to stay where I am now or move to a new location?

Thank you.



Angels I wish for signs off my daughter and to know she is happy! And to help us all find happiness again and for my older daughter to be happy in her new school and make lots of friends


IAS exam passed

I want to pass Ssc chsl exam passed and IAS exam clear I want loving soulmate family health wealth


Fix my Ex(s)

Please help fix all my ex(s) unresolved childhood wounds, toxic and self destructive behaviors. I wish them nothing but divine healing so they can be the best versions of themselves. This especially goes out to M.M., Nikki G, Heather J, and Mattie R.


Monetary abundance and soulmate

Please let me have the money to repay all our debts and from now on, never have to worry about not having enough to pay my monthly rentals and other financial obligations. I will have more than enough to lead the lifestyle that I dream of and even have extras to help the less fortunate, the sickly, the elderly, the forsaken and injured animals, the disadvantaged, etc ..

Send me my soul mate , someone whom I can share my life with, doing meaningful things to benefit more sentient beings, loving and supporting each other till the end of our lives . ♥️♥️♥️

Amber Yong

Steve and Karen

My wish is that Steve would call me to apologize and that we wound reconcile. I love you, Steve!!!!



Deliverance from spiritual warfare and confusion and negative thoughts, I would like a stronger faith in GOD and guidance and peace of mind and protection for me and my daughter and family thank you

Jasnique outlaw

Angels please help my three

Angels please help my three girls be happy, healthy and successful.


Angels please make my big

Angels please make my big brother Colt be nice to me.


qu’il soit exaucé

Que mon voeu le plus cher soit exaucé !


Highway noise

Move the highway away from my home


Love & Connection for a Dear Friend

Dear Angels,

A dear friend of mine…you know the one… has experienced great heart break in this life. Please heal his heart and help him to feel love again.

Please show him evidence of the human love that is available to him right here, right now, in this moment. Please help this love to renew is mind, body, heart, and soul.

Please end his period of loneliness and connect him with a special individual with whom he shares deep and profound kinship and understanding! Please open the pathway to his highest destiny, removing all fear and all blocks that stand in the way!

Thank you for making this so.

Thank you for filling his life with more love than he ever hoped was possible! Thank you for bringing him an absolutely perfect companion! Thank you for healing his past connections and restoring them to that perfect state of soul love that only nourishes, and never harms.

Thank you for your infinite blessings and grace in his life.

With Love,


Wish my daugther have a

Wish my daugther have a place in the school we choose.
Wish good healthy for my mother and my daugther and my friend Paula and my family .
Wish rest in peace for Luis.
Wish have protección for the angels.
Wish find the job i want.


Let us all take a moment and prey and wish for Maya’s health and well being

Let us all take a moment and make a wish for Maya as a collective, for her to get all the answers she is searching for. She has been through a lot in terms of her health and deserves a life full of health and vitality and well being.

Purple Shirt

I want to become Tik Tok famous

I want to gain large amounts of followers on Tik Tok. I want to get many views, likes, follows, duets, and shares. I want positive attention from people who watch my videos. I want to become friends with many of the already Tik Tok famous influencers my age.

Jillian Kelly

My goals, dreams

To be an IAS officer, attract a man in my life as a life partner who deserves me completely, understand me the way no one ever can, equally take and give responsibilities with me, and let me live my ambitions as well…


Good grades and a good bat

Please help my son to really apply himself in school and bring his grades to an even greater level. Also help him to find his bat again in baseball – he’s suffering a crisis of confidence. Let him return to the great hitter he once was!

Kate Kelly

i wish for R to return to C , my new spiritual friend on this journey

I wish for R to return to C. TF’s in union in a relationship is the greatest gift universe can bestow upon anybody and i wish for angels to expedite.

Purple Shirt

Help me succeed, stay healthy & stop worrying…

Angels, please help me succeed with all of the hard work I am doing, please also keep me, my family and community healthy.
God bless us all and help us all become more enlightened and kinder to one another.
Thank you.


Harmony at Home

Please help my blended family find harmony and peace in our household, particularly my boyfriend and my daughter. I am anxious to see everyone happy under one roof. <3


Thank you Angels.

Dear Angels,
I wish to remember who I am on a soul level. I wish to remember my Life Purpose. I wish to develop my intuition and my clair senses. I wish to see, hear and receive your guidance crystal clear, and loud. I wish to live a fulfilled life. I wish to have a clear sense of direction of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I wish to heal on all levels, mind, body and soul. I wish to always have uplifting thoughts, that bring me peace and joy. I wish to open my heart so I can give and receive love with ease. I wish to make my family proud of me. Thank you dear Angels.


Angels I am praying that

Angels I am praying that you send angels of healing to my parent’s dog Chali and surround my parents with love and light. I pray that you send angels of healing to my Aunt Mary and to my friend Pam. Please help me along my spiritual path, help me with my initiation, be with me and guide me to develop my skills and help me become a warrior with the angels. Amen.

Megan Malicki

Angels Bring Us Wellness!!

Dear Colleen!

This wish was inspired by your latest video!

It is for health and healing.

I am concerned about this current worldwide virus and pray it ends soon. May the Angels restore our health as a whole collective planet, and replace this sickness with greater love, empathy, and kindness than the world has ever seen before.

I love you and I love what you do! I believe!!!!!!

David Miller

Help my niece who has

Help my niece who has lost her way.. help her find peace and recovery.


Blessings over car

I wish for my car to be guided and protected at all times by Lord Jesus as well as my team of Angels and spirit guides so that they will keep my car running smoothly and efficienctly.


Living Abundant Creative Life

Living my purpose, creating and living from my art, sharing my knowledge.
Living abundant creative life.


wish to reconnect to my soulmate

Angels please help me in reconnecting with my soulmate she is the love of my life


Certain psychic abilitiez

I just want to hav psychic abilitiez to help thoze who are grieving!!??!!xx


Healthy daughter

My daughter is walking and healthy and happy


Twin flame love

Please bring Aaron back to me so that we can be together and live the life of love that we were destined to.

Rachel Bickford

life partner

I seek a honest and God fearing companion for the rest of my life to share feelings and mutual care. Iam aged 62 , not for bodily desires but a dire psychological need. need a financial miracle also to lead a comfortable and secured life

Pandit Kamalakar

My kids ❤

I wish for my son and daughter to always know how much I love them and that I will always do whatever I can to make sure they are happy.


Angel’s please help me get

Angel’s please help me get in the Delaney Street program, I promise I will change my life. I need your help.


To be with my twin flame and the woman I love

I wish for Melanie Elizabeth Waters to reach out to me right now and tell me her true deep feelings that she has for me so she and I can spend the rest of our lives together. Because I know she feels the same way that I feel about her and I know she’s a little scared to express them because she’s never felt this way before.

Lauren Cregar

To be with the woman I love

I wish that Melanie would reach out to me right now and finally express her feelings for me so she and I can spend the rest of our lives together.

Lauren Cregar

Angels please heal Maya and grant all her wishes

Please provide answers to all the questions and concerns Maya has about her health. Please bless her with vitality and health and well-being of the highest order. Please cure all her physical ailments.She is a true earth angel and deserves all the happiness and blessings she deserves.


To Marry the Love of my life

To Marry the Love of my life, we have known each other since the age of 14 years old we are almost 30 years of age.
I absolutely love him madly and so does he me. We belong together forever to be.

Margot du Preez


Good health and financial abundance


New beginnings .

To be able to sell my house and move to North Devon to begin a new life ,we have planted an orchard and a lavender bed next step a medicinal garden.

Linda Huxtable

Please help me find a

Please help me find a man who can take care of me

Lori Moore

A wish for success in my soul mission.

I wish that I am successful in my career and my personal life? I pray that the people I treat get better to live their happy life in a healthy way.

Starr Luu

Second Chances

I wish that PT would either text so that I could tell him how much I miss him and love him.. I wish that he changes his mind of the choices he has made.


I wish that Joey Sanchez

I wish that Joey Sanchez and I hangout after the bar tonight and have an amazing time and that he admits his legit feelings.
Please and thankyou!

Shaneeka johnson

I wish for happiness…

I wish for happiness in my career, abundance financially, and love and laughter for all my tribe.


♥ I Wish For An Answer To My Medical Mystery, A Pathway to Healing & A Return to Wellness ♥

Dear Angels,

In the next month I have been blessed with appointments with three incredible and shining medical specialists!

At my appointments, please bless the doctors and give them eyes to see – with absolute clarity – the root cause of my body’s struggle and the source of all of my symptoms! Please connect with each doctor’s mind and deliver to them a name of this disease. Please fill their consciousness with perfect, complete, and detailed understandings and descriptions of the disease that is impacting my physical vessel!

Please make radiantly clear my pathway to healing and please give me joy, and enthusiasm, and courage in navigating my treatment and healing process. Most of all, please help me use this experience in greater service to the planet!! Please help my experience to benefit and empower others. Long after I am fully recovered, please help me recall this experience so that I may never lose my sense of compassion for those who are ill.

After 6 years of testing, I now declare my readiness to see exactly what is taking place within my body! I am ready to move through the healing process! I choose wellness and look forward to my life beyond illness. I welcome my life of thriving in a healthy and vibrant body.

Thank you for helping me get there! Thank you for elevating the hearts and minds of my doctors to their highest potential. Thank you for helping me to clearly communicate my symptoms. Thank you for vibrantly illuminating test results for all to see! Thank you for showing me the way forward and giving me courage on this journey!

Thank you, in advance, for answering this request! I look forward to your presence – and intervention – at all my medical appointments henceforth throughout all time and space! ♥



I wish to be with my soulmate.

Candice McQueen

Thank you

I wish for a jump start in the momentum of my career and for it to unfold miraculously.



I wish to fly with all of my guardian angel s in my dreams and forever smile.

Deb Hamilton

Beautiful Angels!

Hi my beautiful angels. I wish to understand and accept the energies abundant as of late. Thank you

Deb Hamilton


To be able To make a significant difference.


Please illuminate my path

I wish to see more clearly into myself. I want to transform, but there are things in me that make it difficult for me to move forward. I just need… a nudge. In the right direction. Please help me

Mendosa Sama

Thanks Angels for envolve my

Thanks Angels for envolve my sister, my father and myself with love and forgiveness,. This energies can be spread to all people involved and we can be healed and be freed.
Thanks for the harmony in my lefe, specially at my job where you can touch our boss and bring him love and peace and he can be easy and nice with all of us for the highest good of all involved.
Thanks for my financial freeedom that gives me freedon in time and activities as well.
A gorgeous and blessed new time begins today with your help.
Thanks with all my heart.


Financial Healing

In need of a big financial healing.

Lillian Diaz

I wish for abundance…

I wish for abundance in my life……perfect health, body, mind and spirit; abundance of financial prosperity; abundance of true romantic love.


A Wish For My Daughter

I wish for my throat problem to be healed and I also wish for my daughter Joanne to be reunited with all of her children. Thank you



Peace amongst trouble


The highest potential

I wish for myself, my family, beloved, clients and member of this space to be able to embody the highest potential and hold levels of pure light possible for this lifetime.

I wish for all to be able to learn through joy and excitement than via painful experiences when possible.

I wish for my nieces and nephew to be protected by the Angels and guided through their lives.

Wish for all of us to be trusting, grounded and to feel safe to give and receive love in its purest form ❤️?

I wish for us to always remeber that there is no limit to Angels’ time, resources and willingness to assist us when we invite their presence ?



My wish is to see my financial situation improve &a sign to know my best friend Kenny ‘s soul is resting in peace




claudette martin

I wish my older daughter

I wish my older daughter will have no more morning sickness the rest of her pregnancy.


My wish Is that my

My wish Is that my long time male friend Will realize I want to pursue a committed, loving relationship with him no matter our distance.



My wish is to win some money with lottery my brother his wife just lost a leg with an accident she is 28 years old and they have a daughter from 6
We need to construct their house and therefore I want to win some money I have a specific number I buy and I really would like it to come out so I can help them with the construction of their house to adapt it for a wheelchair the number is 7779 thank you angel in advance.
Warm regards

Charla Nieveld

A Wish For My Daughter

Make my daughter well from addiction


I’d be an honor and I’d love it so much Couse it is an honor and lovelove is the intention overalllove love love love thank you god and angels and this service

I would like to ask God and the angles to give my parents a long life well into their 90’s I want them to see me experience all types of milestone and to be there for me I love them.

Of course I love god the most and trust in I just wanted to ask for my parents to be protected and to live that lon I want to be able to be in my 60 while they are in their 90 inshallah and we have had all the experiences of traveling and them seein me with my future child and see that I’m old I want the bad thoughts in my head to be cut off and instead just feel reassured that they’ll be there in the name of god and the angels I want my child to know them and I would.

Like to feel like they saw me do it all just like their parents seen them and continue to Mashallah I love god and the angels
I want to experience a lon life with them it would be a privilege to be able to take care of them in old age and be old too I need help to heal this and just ask for it from the god and angel I know anythin is possible through lobe a prayer thank you thank you thank you I love you guys and thank you Allah angels and maya and cynthia I’d be a privilege to live that lon with them too and just to be healthy i pray the good vibration heals this and hopefully makes it true to take us to old age


It’s a long ride and I’d love to have the ones I love with me through

I would like to ask for my parents to live long lives filled with gods love and the angels love even when I’m in my 50 or 60 or even longer so they can experience me and what god had planned and to have so many more experiences with them I wish for the long lives for both of them
I love them so much and of course I love god the most
But I’d also love to have them see me be 50 or older to see what I made of my life and show them the world alon the way they’ve been blessed with parents of 80 or so and I’d love to have that too for me
I would like to have this fear cut and just live in bliss that it would be a longer ride and we’d get to see our lives be filled with protection from the god and the angels to make this happen if that’s ok and to feel that it is true that they will usually people want to die youn but I’d be more than privileged to live up to that age with my parents alive thank you thank you thank you thank you



I wish for my friend Amy to be healed from addiction.

Mendosa Sama

True Love

To find true love


A Wish For My Son

My Angel wish is to treat my son with what is needed for him to flourish as much as possible and also to be able to make enough money so it won’t be a financial burden. I want abundance both spiritually and material!! Thank you Angeles!


A Wish To Remain Cancer Free

I have been in remission from multiple myeloma for a few months now and wish that I remain free from cancer for many years. I want to be able to watch my grandsons grow to be loving young men.

Rita La-Spada

Good Grades

Last semester I got really bad grades so it distorted my GPA. This semester please help me getting good grades so I can make my GPA.


Dream Career

My wish is that the people find me who would benefit from my services. I have such a clear vision for what this career could look like, but I don’t enjoy the marketing most people in this industry claim is the way to do it. I believe I have a lot to offer – please help me find my people and help my people find me.

Catherine C

Wishing for a life full of love and happiness…

I wish that my life is filled with financial abundance with a maxed out HSA,401K, emergency savings, house savings, student loans paid in full, car loan paid in full and all credit card debt eliminated. This will be a start to my dream home.

I wish that my life will have an abundance of love and happiness. I would love to know the answer to a unique connection in my life and to experience the love the way that I want to be loved.

I wish that my daughter will have an abundance of happiness and joy as well in her life and that as she becomes an adult that is guided on the right path.

My last wish is to see more love in this world and that everyone will spread for love and happiness to everyone he/she encounters.

Andrea Zimmerman


Dear angels, please help me to heal my ovarian cyst on my right side. Please help it to dissolve and release as painlessly as possible so I can go back to being in a state of vibrant health! Please lead me to the right foods, supplements, etc. thank you thank you!!! And so it is done ????


My Twin Flame

Dear angels,thank you for my Harmonious Twin Flame Union, for my lovely work and money, for my divine responsibility


Purpose and passion

My wish is to find immense passion, purpose, and MASSIVE career expansion.


I would love to finally

I would love to finally experience true love this lifetime with my beloved. Please angels, guides, god assist me. Not only would I like to experience true love but I would also like to fulfill my life purpose as best as I can. <3


I wish for a sweet

I wish for a sweet man to heal from the past pain in his life and find happiness.

Roxy Johnson


My wish is for everyone to let love in. To find satisfaction in anything and everything that’s around us. To celebrate life, to sing, to dance, to love passinately, to speak words or care, to feel deeply, to be joyous, happy and fulfilled.

And I wish for inspiration. LOTS AND LOTS of it.


Symphony Orchestra Playing the French Horn

My one wish, in my entire life, is that in my lifetime on this Earth, that I will rejoin a symphony orchestra, either in America or anywhere. Although I realize there will ups and downs of moving, relocating, etc., this wish is, and has always been, since the age of 15, my dream, and I believe life’s purpose. Anything else that I do, even if I enjoy it or if others enjoy it, never truly reaches my soul on its primary level than when I am a member of the orchestra, performing with the group. May God and all Beings of Light in our Universe hear this wish. It is not meant to be self-centered, but to also bring light and joy to others. Thank you for allowing me to do this. Love to all who may have read this. Amen.

David Miller

Grieving and lost

My soul mate broke up with me two months ago. We had a deep soul connection unlike anything either of us have experienced. We were together for two years and planned to spend our life together. It was a challenging relationship because we both had trauma and we had to face it in the relationship. I am 15 years older than him and went head on into facing the shadow parts, the painful parts and sought healing. But he shut down emotionally, distanced himself more and more until he eventually broke it off. The grief has been absolutely torturous. I am lost, confused, can’t accept it’s over, waiting for him to come back, stuck. I’m finding it impossible to move forward, and let go. It has been a catalyst for both of us to align with the path we want and need, work on ourselves. We both were stuck in our lives and needed to move forward – the break up forced me to do this. I believe it has been incredibly necessary for both our soul and spiritual development. However, I’m still stuck in a tremendous and overwhelming amount of grief. I know I need to move forward but I’m in so much pain and I don’t know where my path is and haven’t aligned to my new life or where I’m meant to be, what I’m meant to be doing. I am also terrified we will never be together again this lifetime. I’m finding it impossible to even just let the relationship die for now, move on and have faith, leave it to the winds to decide if we will come back together again.
Are we destined to be together this lifetime?
What is my purpose in life? What is my path?


wishing for a previous wish to come true

i made a wish earlier to help me identify the path going forward and to help me become unstuck. right now i am going through a crisis at the soul level and possibly experiencing dark night of the soul. wishing and praying my earlier wish becomes true and my path forward becomes illuminated


I wish for honest communication

I wish for honest communication from the one I love.i wish for an end to our separation and that we can live together happily ever after..

Sheila Reigh

Angels Please help me trust and

Please help me trust and surrender to
What is highest and best outcome for my situation


lost my soulmate

i have been in love with a girl since 2005/2006 when i crossed paths with her during my bachelors college degree days. She is currently married to someone else and i am not in any contact with her but the soul keeps yearning. She is the only girl i have ever truly loved all my life till date from the deepest depths of my soul and this is also my curse because i am unable to move on despite my conscious mind telling me its long over and i must change direction.
Her energy presence at night as well as dreams when i am asleep keep me attached to her. I feel directionless and completely stuck in life. If she is a true soulmate which i genuinely believe she is, simply because the connection has been profound , then when does she not acknowledge.



My father’s health is declining, at what rate I’m not sure. Most days are good and some not so much. I wish for the angels to surround him and help resolve the current chaos he’s in. To rid him of the stresses in his everyday life so he can be in a place of happiness, with peace, security and contentment for the duration of his life with those who truly love him.


Dying to be reborn in a form where there’s love and happiness

I wish that I could die and start over in a life where I love myself and am worthy to be loved back. I am so alone and have always felt this way and don’t think I can take another day feeling left behind by my friends, family, counterpart and even the divine. I pray and meditate and talk to the angels every day and still feel no forward progress. I’m struggling bad and don’t know how to move forward in my life.


I wish to connect with

I wish to connect with tal sela and najib jamous especially over my feed on Facebook. I wish for love and a life with one of these men that rich and full and filled with love and friendship


I wish my Divine Masculine

I wish my Divine Masculine to be healed in body, mind, heart, and soul. He is suffering and that is keeping us apart because he doesn’t want to be a “burden”. Thank you Angels for your Divine guidance and assistance.


Fulfill my Dreams

My wish is to win £100000 in the lottery so I can afford my own place and start my acting career.

Mirabela Roxana Ghita

My Wish

My wish is for my love & I to be reunited in love & harmony ♥




Sherri Mac Millan

To be free and alive

I suffer PCOS and hormonal imbalances due to this I have severe depression and anxiety my wish is for my hormone imbalance to improve and my depression and anxiety to go… to feel alive and enjoy life again and to be the best mother again to my beautiful sons who are my everything… please angels help me ?



Angels please wrap your wings around our family and friend and protect us with your love.please bless our angel Tim and surround him with love.


Help me help myself.

I wish for amazing success with my work I have been investing so much time and effort in…I love my job and want to be wildly successful…now.

I wish for amazing optimal health fro myself, my family and friends.


I wish for joy and inner peace for all

I wish that everyone touched by this incredibly powerful site experiences joy and inner peace. #seeonlylove


A Wish of Great Success for Your Angels Wishes

I wish that all who can benefit find their way to “”

I wish that “Your Angel Wishes” may serve as a hub and conduit for the highest Angelic energies. that it may provide hope, strength, joy, and faith to all who can benefit.

It is my wish that everyone who enters this online space may feel the strong presence of Angels with them and that they may know – without a shadow of a doubt – that Angels are real!

It is my wish that The Angels may bless this website in every way imaginable and that they may use it to fulfill their Divine Mission.

✧ I wish that every wish submitted to “Your Angel Wishes” may be heard and answered by The Angels, as if by magic.✧

May “Your Angel Wishes” be blessed with a proliferation of abundance, expansion, and total Divine Protection as it reaches into the hearts and souls of people all across the world.

Maya Joy KahNah

Please help my Mom

Angels, this wish is for my mother. Please help my mother from giving up in life. There is no motivation in any areas of her life. Nobody can seem to wake her up from this reality. I also ask for your guidance to help me always be patient, understanding and passionate with her.


Wishes For My Sister

I wish my sister would quit drinking, she doesn’t realize how much my family is hurting.
I love her and want her to be ok:)


Fit and Healthy in the New Year

I wish to be fit and healthy in the year to come. I want to be at my ideal weight for my body. I want to feel great and look great and a eat healthy plant based diet.

Trish McCoy


LOVE ANGELS….please help me reunite with my Beloved. Thank you Angels for your help.


Watch over and protect my father

Dear Angels – Thank you for your presence in my life. I now invite your direct help and assistance. I call upon you at this difficult time to watch over and protect my father as he recovers from a stroke. He is strong/determined and I know that he will be able to fully recover but I welcome your guidance and assistance. during this difficult time.  Thank you, Angels!


Asking the Angels for Guidance and Protection

My biggest wish for 2020 is to land the job of my dreams. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked so hard and I’ve put in the work — constantly learning new things and acquiring new skills. I’m committed to making this dream happen. Today, I ask for a little help from the angels — I kindly ask for your guidance and protection– physically and spiritually! Guide me to more fully align with my highest potential. Thank you, angels! Sending divine love to you all!


Angels possess a gift or two…

Angels possess a gift or two and I believe that they have the power to make a wish come true. If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme! Love and blessings to you!


We Can Work it Out!

My partner and I decided to take a break from each other while I study abroad in Europe. I kindly ask that you keep me and my partner safe during this difficult time in our lives. My wish is that we can work our problems out and get back together when I return to the states. Help me to tune into gratitude and the blessings in each and every present moment. Sending love and light… thank you!