ARCHANGELS They are Chief messengers of God and one of God’s first creations before humankind and any organized religion. They belong to God and can help work with people of all different believes and paths. In fact, They can and will work for anyone that asks. This is an important fact to know about Angels, they are waiting to help you but they need you to ask for help, they will not interfere with your free will. The Archangels are extremely powerful Celestial beings that radiate Divine light and love in specific ways on earth. Each Archangel has specific duties.

If you do not know what Angel to call upon for help, then simply ask that all the Angels that can help me with (whatever your wish or hearts- desire) please help me, show me, guide me, I am asking for your help and give you permission to help me. Thank you, Angels. No wish is too small and you are never imposing on the Angels, they want to help you. knowing that I can call on the Angels anytime I need them, it has helped me so much in my life.

Please note that I am leaving out a lot of information about the Archangels for the sake of simplifying the directory. I have a reference page on this site of the resources I have used for my information. I encourage you to read some of these amazing resources for more in-depth knowledge.

Specialties of the Archangels:

Michael– The angel of protection, courage, confidence, and safety, life-purpose guidance, fixing mechanical and electronic items.

Raphael– The angel of healing of people and animals, guiding healers in their education and practice, guidance and protection for travellers, connecting you with your soul mate.

Gabriel- The angel of communication, delivering important and clear messages, helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors, and artists) assisting with all aspects of parenting, including conception, adoption, and birth.

Uriel: Angel of wisdom, illuminates our minds with insights and new ideas, insights, and epiphanies; studying, school and test taking, writing and speaking.

Ariel– helps us provide for our physical needs such as money, food and shelter an assist with environmental causes and the care and healing of animals.

Chamuel– eases anxiety and helps with universal and personal peace, finding whatever you are seeking, lost objects, people or situations.

Metatron- watches over children in Heaven and earth, helps highly sensitive people (especially youths who are often referred to as Indigos or Crystals) sacred geometry and esoteric healing work; working with universal energies, including time management and “time warping”;

Sandalphon- receiving and delivering prayers between God and humans; guidance and support for musicians, especially those making healing music, assists people heal from aggressive tendencies.

Azrael– angel of death, helping souls cross over, Healing the bereaved, assisting grief counselors.

Jophiel– heals negative and chaotic situations; brings beauty and organization to our thoughts, homes, offices, and other environments, as well as lifting negatively in these areas.

Haniel- awakening and trusting your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoyance; releasing the old; support and healing for women’s physical and emotional health issues

Raziel- heals psychic and spiritual blocks, aids in understanding the secrets of the universe; remembering and healing from past lives; helps with dream interpretation.

Raguel-healing arguments or misunderstandings, bringing harmony to situations; attracting wonderful new friends

Jeremiel- deals with emotions, helping us review and take inventory of our lives so that we may forgive and plan for positive change, developing and understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance.

Zadkiel– heals memory problems and assists with other mental functions, helping students remember facts and figures for tests; healing painful memories; remembering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; choosing forgiveness

Other Angels: I cannot possibly note every angel, as there are infinite angels. Just ask that any angel that can help with whatever you desire, come to your aid. They want to help with all your wishes. ( more to come on signs from angels)

Guardian Angels-we all have one or more guardian angel to watch over us from the time of birth until when we cross over. No matter what we do, these angels will not leave us. They are protectors and guides, ensuring that we are safe, happy, healthy, and fulfill our life mission. We must act as a team with our guardian angels to fulfill these intentions. That means asking for help and then receiving help and following divine guidance.

Romance angels– The angels can help you with romance., whether you are in a committed relationship or single. If you are looking for a soul mate, the “Romance Angels” can help you find your special someone. They can infuse new passion into existing relationships, they can help you through shifts and changes in your relationships, they can bring peaceful resolutions, playfulness.

Career and Life Purpose Angels- Angels can help with your career. If you want meaningful employment, something more than a job to pay the bills, something that you are passionate about and if it pays well, that is even better. Also a life purpose may not even be career related. A life purpose can be a simple and beautiful as being a light in the world, a person who brings joy and love to others.

Healing Angels- They can heal any condition, increase your motivation to exercise, change your eating habits, reduce cravings. All you need is a crystal clear intention to want to heal, change and you need to surrender to the situation to God and the angels. You can ask God to send healing angels to another person. Archangel Raphael is the primary healing angel.