I truly believe I was Divinely guided to build! It is my desire, from the depth of my soul, that people who come to this site, be inspired. My wish is that people will have faith and learn to re-discover belief in Magic and Miracles! I hope that each of you is inspired to make your own wishes come true. I hope this site spreads Joy, Love and a sense of Wonder and Passion, in your life.

Despite some strange looks when I tried to express my vision for this site to web designers, family members, friends and acquaintances along this journey, I was so guided that it seems nothing could get in my way. I had this amazing idea that I knew I wanted to share. It was something I knew I had to do. When I enthusiastically shared my idea, I would get a response like, “ OKAAAAY….you make a Wish and where does it go?” or “ Well, if you think it is something that can work( eye roll) ” or, “Why don’t you just concentrate on selling more real estate, you can make a lot of money doing that.”

This site is not about making money to me…it is about spreading the feeling of being alive again and remembering how to co-create with the Angels and the Universe, to believe in the magic in life.  The ideas began coming to me in rapidly and I was feeling my heart swell at the possibility of making something Beautiful for the Soul, for my Soul, and I hope for yours too.

You see, my Soul has taken quite the beating in the past few years. To share my story is very personal and vulnerable for me. Only 1 or 2 people in my life know the true depth of my soul’s journey over the past several years. It was a painful time, my dark night of the soul. However, I never lost sight, not really. I knew deep down that if it were not for my pain and spiritual growth/awakening, I never would have been able to create

My spiritual awakening began in earnest in 2012, when I met the “Love of My Life”; “My Beloved”; “My Divine Counter-Part”; “My Twin-Flame” …

I knew when I met him, that he was the one for me. I had experienced other deep connections in my life up until that point, (which I have now come to know as “soul mate connections”); HOWEVER, this was much different. I felt as if I had known him forever. I remember wondering why, when I slept by his side, my heart would ache. I remember asking myself, what is it about this man? I had just met him, and yet, I loved him so much. I literally told him that I loved his soul. Sadly, after only 5 months, he broke up with me abruptly. He did it over the phone! I was devasted. I was shocked and totally blindsided. How could this be? How could God take him away?

I prayed every single day to the Angels to bring him back. I drove weekly to the Convent of the Carmelites, a 30-minute drive from my home, to Pray to Mother Mary. Then I would drive to Saint Dominic’s, where below the large statue of St. Jude, I would make offerings and pray. I did this every week for a year. I prayed to have my love return to me. During this year, I began seeing Angel numbers and synchronicities all around me and my spiritual awakening began. I have always been spiritual, but this heartbreak sent me down the path of a much deeper spiritual quest.

A year later, I was inspired by the Angels to make a “Birthday Wish Box” for my love. I do not consider myself creative, but the box turned out beautiful and I was proud of it. At the time, I thought, wow, this is cool! Maybe I should mass produce these for re-sale. While that was a great idea, the most important thing on my mind was to get back my lost love. With my beautiful gift-ready, I picked up the phone and called him after over a year of no contact. I made up a story that I was going to be at a Festival that I knew he would be attending. I told him that I was going to the festival with a friend and I hoped to see him because his Birthday was soon approaching, and I had a gift for him. He called me back and we spoke briefly. He said he would be there, and we could meet up!

A week later, I showed up at the Festival by myself, without the “friend” I was going with, but with my Birthday Wish Box in hand. My heart was palpating when I saw him, I was so nervous! We met up, had a bite to eat, and I gave him his gift. He must have thought I was nuts, but he said he thought the gift was cool and thanked me. I am sure he had never received a gift like that before and he probably wondered what the heck to do with a box for wishes but the gift didn’t matter. I was guided by the Angels to make that box and it was an extreme way for me to get me to see him again, but it worked. After several months of talking, we finally got back together. I have always believed in the power of Prayer, and all my prayers helped to manifest our reunion. I was finally with my Beloved again. I thanked God and the Angels every day. I loved this man so much.

Four years later, he left me again. I went through Hell and I wanted to die. I was like an empty shell. I lost my Joy, and my Light for a while. There were days when I thought I should take myself to the hospital because my thoughts were that I would rather die than live without my one true love.

The day he left, I still believed I would see him again. I continued to Pray every day. The one thing that kept me going was my Faith and my belief that God, and the Angels, would return him to me. I faithfully prayed and lit candles. In the 2 years of separation, I had some contact with my Beloved, but it was limited and never a hint of an apology or an expression that he might still have feelings for me.

I remained steadfast in my belief and I began to work on myself. It was time to be the best version of myself for myself. Meanwhile, I was working in a field that I was no longer passionate about. I lived in a rental home that was comfortable but not a place to call my own.  Everything in my life felt so temporary and nothing brought me Joy. I prayed to the Angels and I asked them to show me what I am supposed to do with my life.  I wanted to be excited for my day and to contribute to the greater good in some way.

I began writing to the Angels in my Journal and I asked again for help and direction for my purpose. I was reminded of my Birthday Wish Box. All a sudden I was filled with excitement! I wanted to make ‘Manifestation Boxes”! I have one on my own Altar that I use. I wanted to make them Beautiful. My thoughts were going 100 miles an hour. I was getting so many visions of how I wanted them to look. I was thrilled at the idea of how they could inspire people and I thought of all the wonderful people I could meet along the way. I was going to get to work on the mission of making these Wish Boxes a reality.

I went to the Dollar Store to purchase white candles. I always have white candles for my Altar to pray to God and the Angels. At the Dollar Store, I notice a small tin that said, “Prayer Box”. Inside the box was a small note pad to write your prayer upon. It was at that moment that I knew Divine Guidance was pushing me to make my “Wish Boxes”. I had full-body chills. I have never believed in accidents. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it and I knew my dream would persevere.

I began doing research on costs for a prototype for my Wish Box.  The estimates I received were very cost prohibitive for mass production. It was way too expensive and far from the quality I had envisioned. I hit a wall and I was quickly discouraged. Now, what was I going to do? I once again asked my Angels for guidance.

It was then that this website came to my mind. I received a  rapid flood of ideas,  domain names, design ideas, what products I could feature and so on.  I loved the website even more than the Manifestation Boxes. I am not a techie or a writer, but I knew I had to figure this out. I knew my Angels would co-create this with me one magical step at a time.

All my heartbreak has driven me to search further into the unknown. My faith in Spirit and my drive for true love has motivated me to persistently move forward. I am still waiting for my happily ever after and I still believe all my wishes are coming true.

My Angels are constantly guiding me. One of the first Angel numbers I saw when” My Love” left was 444.  Angel Number 444 means that thousands of Angels are surrounding you. This is a number I see often. It makes me smile and I thank the Angels.

Angels are here to help us, but we must ask for help. Angels will never interfere with Free Will. No wish is too small, and they have time for everyone. Angels often communicate through Numbers, Music, Symbols (such as Feathers, Coins, Birds, Butterflies, and any Symbol that is significant you), as well as other Earth Angels. They bring people into your life that can help you manifest your desires. You must ask and then be open to the signs. Lastly, you need to act on the signs that the Angels give to you.

I know that I was guided to make this amazing site and my wish is that it inspires you to believe in miracles. That you know you are not alone. May all your wishes come true. I look forward to hearing your stories when the Angels help you make your wishes come true.


Angel Blessings,