If you are reading this, most likely you are an “Earth Angel”.

I challenge each one of you to embody the “Earth Angel” that you are. As “Earth Angels”, you bring light and love into this world.

Remember as you go about your day, that your purpose is in this life is to spread love, joy, compassion and beautiful light.

Take the time to open the door for someone, or to help an elderly person carry their groceries or reach for something on a top-shelf. Let the car trying to merge on the freeway go in front of you or say hello to the homeless person sitting on the street, most people just ignore the person. What would it hurt for you to say hello or good morning? Possibly you could randomly buy someone a coffee or offer to do a deed like mow the lawn for the elderly. Take the time to have a visit and really listen to someone, ask them to tell you a story about how they met their love. See their eyes light up as they tell you a beautiful memory. There are many people suffering and we have no idea what is going on in their minds and/or lives. Sometimes the struggle in more than people can bear. Some people have no one in their life and they feel alone and hopeless. Your act of kindness can brighten someone’s day and even on a more extreme, save someone’s life. My friend Myrna  once gave her brand new bible to a random stranger. Six years later she ran into him and he told her that he was planning to take his life that day and when she gave him the bible, he knew it was a sign and he chose to live. The Divine gave Myrna the message to give him the bible and being the “Earth Angel” she is, she acted as she was guided. She saved a life and spread the love.

Personally, there were times when I was so depressed, I did not want to go out in public but I had to go to the grocery store or work and someone may have cracked a joke or noticed that I was not smiling and said “smile” or complimented me. It may not seem like much but at those times when you are so low, a simple gesture can add a dust of light in the darkness.

Recently I was at the carwash and when I pulled my car out to dry, a woman handed me some paper towels and motioned they were for the windows. I was shocked, she didn’t know me and yet she freely offered these towels. She spoke Spanish and she said something to her grandchildren and in the next moment the boys came over to my car and started to help dry my car. They didn’t want any money because I searched my purse for money to offer them, but they would not take it. My heart swelled that they would help me, a perfect stranger. I gave the woman a hug and told her she was amazing and teaching her boys to be amazing young men. I live in the Bay Area where everyone is fighting for time and space and rarely take time to help. This act of kindness uplifted my spirit and I realized; I need to do more acts of kindness. It really can change your perspective. I plan on paying it forward.

Remember to be the light in the world. Spread your love and joy because after all, Love is all there is!

Go about your day and be the Earth Angel that you are! Please share your stories here. Angel Blessings.