Your Angel Wishes - Angels Nudge you to Pay a ComplimentDon’t hold back if you feel compelled to give someone a compliment.  Many people appear that they have it all together and you might think it is not necessary to speak to them about how you perceive them

For example, when I started with my first video for this channel and writing blogs, I had no idea how people would take to them. I just did the best that I could do. In my mind, was my best good enough? Would anyone like it? Do I know enough? Do I look amateur? Is my content boring?

I slowly allowed a few people to see my work and to my surprise, people reached out to let me know they thought my work was great. Affirmations came from people that I thought would think I was a bit crazy and it gave me the confidence to move forward on what I felt in my soul was a divine purpose.

In my daily workouts at the gym, I work extremely hard and I am usually focused and in my own zone. I have had people approach me to tell they notice how dedicated I am to be strong and they can see the results. In my mind, I have so many imperfections. When someone compliments me, it gives me another perspective. Possibly I have a warped sense of myself. You see. everything is not as it seems. Even people that seem to have everything altogether can be insecure at times. It feels good to hear the compliment so do not hold them back.

If you are working with someone in a professional, business situation and you appreciate all the hard work they have done for you, tell them! One of my clients is extremely particular and not very expressive, when she told me that I did a “good job”, I was surprised, and it meant a lot to me. Yes, people do their jobs well and it makes them feel good to be acknowledged for a job well done.

Do not take it personally if they do not react well to your positive remarks, they might just be uncomfortable to receive a compliment. You have no idea how this can impact someone in a good way. Do what your heart tells you to do. Your compliment can make a difference in someone’s life just by acknowledging them for what they do well professionally and/or personally.

My point is, if you notice someone is going above and beyond and you feel compelled to say something to them, this is your angel nudging you. Angels use other people to send messages to other people. Maybe that person is having a difficult time and/or day and your little message to them can brighten them in the moment, inspire them, uplift them.

Please share your stories of how the Angels nudge you to pay a compliment or how a compliment has made a difference in your life.

Angel Blessings to you.