The Angels Got My Attention

The Angels can nudge you to do certain things, such as, buy a book, talk to a certain person, take a trip, drive another route to work, take a new job, leave the house later, all to help lead you on a path of your soul’s desire. The first time I remember the Angels strongly got my attention was several years ago when I began my spiritual awakening.

I was going to the bookstore to buy a book by Abraham Hicks, at that time, I was reading a lot about the Law of Attraction and I was only going to buy one book. As I was in line to purchase the book, I looked down and noticed a book called “A Message of Hope from the Angels” by Lorna Byrne. I felt like the book was vibrating and saying “Buy me, Buy me”. I tried to resist, but I finally picked it up and added it to my purchase.

After reading the book, I learned so many things about the Angels and it gave me such a refreshing perspective and enriched my life. I always loved Angels but reading this book, and the other book written by Lorna, “Angels in My Hair”. Lead me further on my spiritual path.

That Christmas, I bought 20 more of those books and gave them out for Christmas. I wanted everyone to learn what I had learned about the Angels. Coincidently, that Christmas, my mom gave me a Waterford Crystal Angel called, “The Angel of Hope”. My other two Aunts also gifted me angels that year. There are no accidents.

The Angels wanted me to read this book. I am so glad I did not resist the divine guidance to purchase the book, it was a pivotal moment in my spiritual growth that has led me to my Divine Purpose.

Please share your stories below how the Angels have helped guide you.


Credit Image: Original Artist Rachel Anderson

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