Adopt a Grandpa or Grandma

Adopt a Grandpa or GrandpaWhile scrubbing my floors,  I remembered how I used to visit my grandma.  I would clean her kitchen, scrub the walls and stove, etc., knowing that she was feeble and could not care for her home the way she once did. In that moment,  I was filled with sadness that I no longer had a grandmother to visit.

The thought came to me that we should all adopt a grandpa and/or grandma. There are so many people that are alone and could really use some assistance. If we dedicated some time each week or even each month to reach out to an elderly person, we could make the world a better place.

Helping around the house is wonderful, mowing the lawn, changing bed sheets, washing clothes, cleaning a refrigerator, taking them to the grocery store. What about just sitting with them and ask them stories about their life, the things that brought them the most joy, what they wished they had done differently, the places they enjoyed travelling, what they did for work that was rewarding, their one true love, the happiest time.  See the sparkle in their eye when they talk of the good times, the proud moments.

Take them for a ride to the ocean or a picnic in the park, take them to the local bingo night, spend quality time with them and get them out of their house if possible.

Too often we forget about the elderly, we might think them a burden, but remember, their souls are still full of life, and we need to honor their spirit. My 94-year-old grandma once told me, “I still feel young, but my body doesn’t match my spirit.”  I miss my grandparents, while I feel I did my best to be present and visit with them often, I still wish I had done more, stayed longer to visit, called more often. If we are lucky, we will all live long and full lives. We all may need some help in the future.  For now, if you can, try to take the time to help someone in ways big or small.

When we give to others, we gain so much for ourselves.  Of course, we do not give with the intention of getting anything in return.  My bet is that if you do choose to make this effort, you will gain tenfold what you give.

Please share your stories below.