Light a Candle

I have a drawer of candles readily available! I have used candles to send healing thoughts to others and to make my petitions and requests to God and the angels. Lighting a candle uplifts the energy in the room and it is a constant reminder of your intention.

Many times, I will write my wish and/or desire and place it under the candle. Sometimes I write the person’s name in the candle that I am praying for as well. Before I light the candle, I call upon all the angels that can help me with (my petition) to come to my aid or to send protection/healing to someone else. I make my heartfelt intention, visualize the outcome and then I light the candle. It gives me a great sense of peace, love and joy to have a candle burning. Lighting a candle makes me feel like I am connecting with God and his angels and as I light the candle, I let go and let Spirit go to work.

There is not a right or wrong way to make your wish. As long as your intentions and desires are pure, the angels will go to work to help you for the highest good of all.


IMAGE CREDIT: Magda Galletti