How to ask the Angels for a specific sign:

Before you begin, clear your sacred space and take several deep cleansing breaths. It’s important to be specific in any question you have and believe in the process.  The Angels will show you your sign when you least expect it.  It will be different for every person. If you are in a receptive state,  you will recognize it when it comes to you.  This is one of the most magical ways your Angels can work with you.  The first time I tried this, the Angels answered me so quickly that I was totally amazed. I kept asking again because I was so taken aback that  I wanted more confirmation. I did tell the Angels that I believed them, but I was just having fun and wanted more validation.

My first experience took place during the Christmas holiday season. I was having a difficult time with my separation from “My Love.” I could not talk to anyone else about this sadness, especially since some time had passed since he left, and people had expected me to be over him by that time.  I turned to the Angels and asked a specific question about “My Love”.  I asked the Angels to show me a butterfly to confirm if the answer to my question was indeed, yes. The next day while visiting my girlfriend,  I was standing in front of her refrigerator, and there was a huge butterfly magnet staring back at me.  I knew it was my sign from the Angels. With a huge smile on my face, I snapped a photo  to document that my Angels were answering me.  In my heart, I had full faith in the Angels.

Though my spirit had total trust in the process, my mind started racing and a little bit of doubt overcame me. With skepticism, I thought,”A butterfly is too common and easy.”  I decided I would ask the Angels show me three butterflies to confirm my question. The following weekend, my girlfriends wanted to meet me for breakfast in San Francisco. The Haight Ashbury to be exact. I tried to change the location to Union Square in San Francisco, but I was out-voted, so off to the Haight I went!  As I was driving along the highway, I hit stopped traffic.  It was then that I glanced over to my right, and BOOM! there was a mural on the side of a building would I normally have driven right by, and  you guessed it.  I counted 1,2,3 butterflies! This took my breath away.  I knew there were more butterflies on that mural, but no matter how hard I tried to turn my head, I could only see three.  My heart was filled with so much joy.  I laughed, and I knew why I was directed to have breakfast in the Haight instead of Union Square.  This is not a route I normally took to visit the City.

The Angels were communicating with me and really helping me through this difficult time. I guess I am a little stubborn, and I was still so sad about my situation that I wanted to believe the sign, but I needed to be certain and feel grounded, so I challenged the Angels once more.  Since butterflies are somewhat normal, I asked myself, “What else could I ask the Angels to show me?”  Because it was during the holiday season, I didn’t want to ask for a star or a dove or anything that was expected at Christmas time.  Living on the West Coast, a flamingo is an unexpected symbol, so I asked the Angels to show me a flamingo. That weekend I flew to Palm Springs to visit my family and stayed in the guest bedroom. The next morning, I woke up, and as I sat up in bed, I looked straight ahead at the dresser in front of me. and there were two birds on that dresser that I had never seen before.  My heart swelled with joy as I called out for my mom, “Mom, come here…what are those?” She said “Flamingos…” I needed her to confirm this as well, because I wanted to make sure they were flamingos and not another type of bird. 

I snapped another picture to commemorate this experience, here I share the original picture.  That entire week, I was shown several other flamingos. The Angels were helping me keep the faith that although everything looked bleak, and although I was still incredibly sad, they were showing me validations to keep the faith in what I knew in my heart to be true!

Trust there is magic in the air and when we are open, we can experience many magical moments like this….

Ask, Believe, and then Receive!

Have fun with the Angels. They LOVE to have fun, and they love to connect with you!