Create Your Altar

It is important to create a sacred space for yourself where you can go to meditate, visualize, light your candles, make your wishes, place your vision board. All the items on your altar should feel good to you. You may change the items as your needs change. Keep the space clean and beautiful. I clear my space with sage and I constantly rearrange items, add items and remove items as it feels right to me.

When I find “pennies” from heaven or feathers from the angels, I add them to my altar with gratitude. I have other things on my altar including a crystal angel, photos of ancestors and family friends that I believe are helping me in this life from the other side. I have a vision board, beautiful crystals’, my wish box, a statue of Mother Mary and always a burning candle. This is a place I can go to an express my true feelings to Spirit and honor my Divine Guidance.